Monday, May 10, 2010

Updated Calendar

Fifth Grade Trips and Activities

Updated 5/10/2010
May 11 Due Date for Pet Day form

May 14 Graduation Practice (if possible), P.T.O. Spring Fling at T.R. Simmons, P.T.O. Dance

May 17 Graduation Practice, Pet Day from 12:45-1:30

*Parents are welcome to the Pet Show.*

May 18 Graduation Practice, Talent Show (9:20-10:20), Cap and Gown Photo Shoot (following the talent show)

*Parents are welcome to the Talent Show and the Photo Shoot.*

May 19 Barons’ Baseball Game

May 20 Field Trip to American Village

May 21 Graduation from 9:00-10:00 a.m. in the T.R. Simmons Gym

Banquet at First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall from 10-11

Swim Party at the Natatorium from 11-1

*Parents are welcome to all events this day. Students must ride the bus from T.R. to the church and from the church to the Nat.

ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A RIDE FROM THE NAT AT 1:00. We are not allowed to transport students back to T.R. after the swim party.